TELEVISION presenter Rachel Annabelle Riley was born in Rockford, Essex, to Londoner Celia and Mancunian Chris. The 34-year-old, who has a brother Alex, is married to dancer Pasha Kovalev, with whom she has a daughter, Maven Aria.
Rachel, who has a masters in mathematics from Oriel College, Oxford, is best known…

(From the November 13, 2020, edition of the Jewish Telegraph)

“HUMANS are my least favourite animal,” says technology journalist Holly Brockwell. For the 34-year-old prefers cats — lots of cats.
And she is now dedicating her life to caring for those in need — in her two-bedroom flat in London.

FRIENDS: Holly with #FuriousMaud

Adam Cailler

Journalist for Jewish Telegraph and Consomme Magazine. Foodie. Twitter: @acailler

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